linux certificationIn separate moves, Canonical and Novell are taking steps to bolster their respective Linux training and certification efforts. Here's a look at the moves, and the implications for channel partners.

As The VAR Guy has pointed out, Canonical and Novell each have been working hard to recruit more ISVs (independent software vendors) to compete more effectively against Red Hat Enterprise Linux in business. At the same time, Canonical and Novell each are making training and certification moves.

Novell earlier today partnered up with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). Under terms of the partnership:

  • Linux professionals who have earned their LPIC-1 status will also satisfy the requirements for the Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification.
  • Novell Training Services has formally agreed to include required LPIC-1 learning objectives in its CLA course training material.
  • Together, Novell and LPI want to develop the "Linux workforce of the future," according to Jim Lacey, president and CEO of LPI.

True believers include SwitchDesk, which has vowed to promote LPI and Novell training to its customer base.

Canonical Bolsters Ubuntu Training

Meanwhile, Canonical continues to expand its training courses for Ubuntu customers and channel partners.

According to Billy Cina, Canonical’s Training Programmes Manager:

  • All of the Ubuntu courses are based on the LTS release, "so we are currently full steam ahead to ensure that the training courses are updated as close to the Ubuntu 10.04 release in April as possible."
  • Canonical launched the Deploying Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud course in October 2009, and the course is "generating a lot of interest," Cina says. "It is the only course of its kind and is available through Ubuntu Training Partners or online instructor-led classes." Courses are held for either 2 days in a classroom environment or 4 days in 4 hour sessions through Canonical's livelabs. The third online session will run between March 1-4, 2010.
  • Canonical includes Landscape training in all the professional courses; Landscape is Canonical's remote management platform for Ubuntu systems. It's available in both a SaaS and on-premise option.

Heated Competition

The VAR Guy will keep tabs on the Novell and Canonical training efforts. But he needs to give equal time to Red Hat... the company says nearly 40,000 professionals are now certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat has also launched a certification program for cloud partners, and the company now drives more than 60 percent of its revenues through the channel, according to CEO Jim Whitehurst.

Those are lofty numbers... but Novell and Canonical are giving chase.