Cisco Systems AXP Contest for LinuxAs you may have heard, Cisco Systems is offering $100,000 in prize money to Linux application developers that help the networking giant defeat Microsoft in the unified communications market. Update: Now for a new twist. International Linux developers have flooded Cisco with inquiries about the contest -- forcing the networking giant to push back a competition deadline. Here's the scoop.

The contest focuses on network-aware applications written for Cisco’s AXP (Application Extension Platform) and Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). As The VAR Guy reported in November 2008, he thinks Cisco's primary motive is to shift the world from Microsoft Windows-centric applications to network-centric applications.

According to a spokeswoman for Cisco:
"Wanted to let you know that Cisco has extended the deadline for Phase 1 of the AXP Contest.

The first phase was originally slated to end Jan. 12th but has now been pushed out to Feb. 27th.  This is due to the numerous requests they received from non-English speaking countries who wanted the opportunity to participate but needed to make language translation arrangements."

Cisco Spin Cycle?

Of course, Cisco could also be stalling for time in order to generate more contest submissions. But The VAR Guy senses that Cisco really is responding to developer inquiries from across the globe.

For more information, the Cisco spokeswoman says readers can visit:

The VAR Guy isn't suggesting that Cisco's network-centric view of applications will trample Windows-centric software anytime soon. But the Linux ecosystem's interest in AXP seems to have taken Cisco -- and The VAR Guy -- by surprise.

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