At first, The VAR Guy doubted that the world wanted yet another Linux distribution. But Cloud Linux Inc. seems to be proving The VAR Guy wrong. Based in New Jersey, Cloud Linux seems to be catching on with several hosting companies. Here's why.

First, the hard news: Canadian Web Hosting, in business since 1998, has embraced CloudLinux as one of the hosting company's standard Linux platform offerings. The reason apparently involves Cloud Linux Inc.'s Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology.

Cloud Linux Inc. claims LVE is:
"a transparent and lightweight kernel-level technology similar to container type virtualization. Giving the hosting service provider the ability to control resources on the server, CloudLinux achieves what  other operating systems cannot. Once installed, the LVE works transparently to manage resources that the hosting provider sets for the accounts on a server."
The VAR Guy first met Cloud Linux Inc. (the company) at the Parallels conference in February 2010. Since that time, CloudLinux (the operating system) has integrated with the Parallels Plesk Panel and R1Soft backup software. Plus, The VAR Guy has heard from a handful of hosting partners that are testing CloudLinux for possible commercial deployment.

The VAR Guy is intrigued but he has to keep his enthusiasm under control. Red Hat, after all, is entrenched with many hosting providers. And Novell's SUSE Linux has been gaining ISV (independent software vendor) momentum.

Can CloudLinux carve out its own niche among hosting providers? Canadian Web Hosting sure seems to think so.

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