Oracle CEO Larry Ellison performed a Big Data demonstration at  OpenWorld. The analysis involved nearly 5 million tweets and 27 million data points. One of the surprising outcomes from this particular Big Data analysis: RIM BlackBerry was right in the mix with Apple iOS and Google Android in terms of the devices folks were using to tweet.

Ellison offered a key disclaimer: He isn't suggesting that it's time to run out and buy Research In Motion stock (RIMM). But he did suggest that perhaps all the doom and gloom surrounding RIM and BlackBerry is over-stated.

It was an "ah-hah" moment for The VAR Guy, reminding our resident blogger that RIM BlackBerry does have a loyal following, despite the company's current financial challenges.

Ellison's Big Data analysis involved a search for the most ideal Olympic Athlete to potentially promote a Lexus car. (The answer: USA Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas.)

For its part, RIM remains under intense pressure but recently announced better-than-expected financial results. The company says it's on track to deliver BlackBerry 10 in early 2013.