smb-netbook-purchase-plansThe VAR Guy is using his new netbook to write this blog entry. But he's feeling a little lonely, because only 13 percent of small and midsize businesses plan to purchase netbooks, according to survey results from Spiceworks Inc. The survey results also reveal some key SMB trends involving notebook, desktop, server and printer hardware purchasing plans. Here's the scoop.

First, let's start with the netbook craze: Is it purely a consumer phenomena? Or are netbooks moving into the small business and corporate worlds? Based purely on The VAR Guy's anecdotal experience, our resident blogger knows at least one corporate niche where netbooks are selling like crazy. Indeed, B2B bloggers are embracing netbooks by the boatload because the small, lightweight devices make it easy to blog live from conferences.

But perhaps bloggers are an exception to the netbook sales rule. Only 13 percent of SMBs have their eyes on netbooks, according to survey results published by Spiceworks. The survey, conducted in Q3 2009, involved more than 1,000 IT professionals.

Oh, and the survey did reveal some other key SMB spending trends. Such as:
  • Small and medium businesses are squeezing an extra year out of their hardware. The average planned lifespan of hardware, which includes desktops, laptops and servers, increased 26 percent from 40 months to 50 months.
  • Despite using hardware for a longer period of time,68 percent of SMBs plan to add new hardware to their networks within the next six months. Among hardware purchasing priorities, 56 percent plan to buy desktops, 55 percent plan to purchases laptops, 45 percent plan new server purchases, 31 percent plan to add printers, and 27 percent plan to add new network devices.
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