What's next after Windows Phone 7 Mango? And what's next after that? Microsoft's roadmap has been leaked on the web for all to see. Here's the scoop on Microsoft's new phone strategy ...

Tip of the hat goes to WMPoweruser.com, which obtained the leaked slides detailing Microsoft's plan. It's pretty simple, too. After Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft will unveil Windows Phone 7 Tango (not a joke) in the first half of 2012. These devices will focus more on the mid- to low-end market of Windows phones as Microsoft aims to make them the "products with the best prices." I've often speculated that Windows Phone 7 could dominate the market simply by replacing the standard "feature phone," especially if Windows Phone 7 phones are powerful and hit that sweet spot between free and $100.

After Windows Phone 7 Tango, Microsoft has its sights set on the moon with Windows Phone 7 Apollo. These phones are designed to be "competitive" and business-ready "super phones." Microsoft also is looking to saturate the market with this phone by "increasing overall volume" of availability.

Slowly but surely I'm seeing Windows Phone devices in the wild, which is a change of pace from December 2010. By the time 2012 comes to a close, Windows Phones could be making a real impact, inching back up to where Windows Mobile device saturation once was, perhaps even ousting the feature phone from existence altogether. Tie in all the buzz Windows 8 will be getting, and Microsoft could suddenly be re-dominating the computer scene.