Lenovo's 27-inch Windows 8 tablet (called the IdeaCentre Horizon Multimode Tablet PC) apparently will begin shipments on July 1, 2013. Potentially a digital coffee table, Lenovo announced the big screen tablets back at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2013. The VAR Guy has been saving up for the big Horizon tablet ever since. Are there business use cases? Absolutely yes.

First, let's start with pricing and configurations. It looks like the big Windows 8-driven tablets (available in four configurations) cost $1699 to $1899, according to Lenovo's online store.

The Horizon devices include:

1. The Aura User Interface and 10-point multi-touch technology: Think of Aura as Lenovo's add-on for Windows 8's touch interface. Lenovo says: "When the device is used as a table PC, two or more people can simultaneously access content via this distinct new user interface. Aura makes the PC a social device, bringing users together around a single screen to enjoy fun apps and multimedia."

2. Consumer Games: Lenovo says the Horizon comes with "a wide range of multi-player games and educational apps"

3. A bunch of other geeked-out capabilities.

So where's the business hook here? Admittedly, Lenovo's Horizon mainly targets consumers. But some channel partners have been deploying big-screen touch devices in retail outlets where interactive signage is a must.

Once The VAR Guy actually owns the Horizon tablet, he'll be sure to dream up more business use cases -- while explaining a nearly $2000 expense to his wife...

Updated, June 13, 2013: Several published reports suggest Best Buy and other retailers will have the Horizon long before July 1, 2013, arrives...