gloStream spent much of 2009 promoting its health care IT solutions during managed services conferences. Now, the company is making a broader channel move. Indeed, gloStream and Tech Data are partnering to promote solutions that help VARs address electronic medical records, practice-management software and other health care solutions. Here's some perspective.

Quick refresher: gloStream is a developer of Microsoft Office-like (i.e. integrated) EMR (electronic medical record) and practice-management software designed for patient care.

During 2009 and early 2010, gloStream turned heads at MSP conferences hosted by Autotask and ConnectWise. Now, Tech Data is set to distribute gloEMR and gloPM (gloStream's actual software) stand-alone or bundled, along with custom-configurations with hardware (servers, printers, etc..) to certified partners as part of Tech Data's Healthcare SBU (specialized business unit).

gloEMR software has been developed to deal with patient records, reviewing medical images, paper documentation and even prescription tracking; gloPM is designed for practice-management applications for billing, insurance and more business related operations.

What's more, gloStream is offering gloUniveristy, an in-house training option for partners on the selling, support and installation of gloSTream software. Starting in June 2010, gloStream is set to attend Tech Data's Technology Solutions Tour in Las Vegas. It'll focus on how resellers can work with Tech Data and build out health care IT.

In an blog late in April 2010, Joe Panettieri noted that:
gloStream Chief Operating Officer Kirk Aubry says 30 percent to 40 percent of electronic medical record (EMR) projects fail. But gloStream’s solution mitigates all that risk while helping VARs and MSPs target the health care industry. It almost sounds too good to be true… but judge for yourself and let me know if you embrace gloStream’s health care IT strategy.
We'll be watching to see how the gloStream-Tech Data relationship evolves.

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