Cogent Growth Partners, which advises IT service providers on buy-side M&A strategies, has hired long-time SMB channel coach George Sierchio (pictured) as Partner. A familiar name to many VARs and MSPs, Sierchio has assisted his clientele in the areas of strategy, finance, operations, marketing, human resources and corporate structure. Here's what's next.

The VAR Guy seems to remember Sierchio and Cogent Growth Partners C0-founder David Schafran participating in an MSP-centric panel together about a year or so ago at SMB Nation conference in Las Vegas. Was that the beginning of discussions between Sierchio and Cogent? Hmmm... The VAR Guy doesn't know for sure.

Either way, it sounds like Sierchio has made an immediately impact at Cogent. He's been with the company since January 2012, but an announcement didn't surface until a few days ago. That PR push suggests to The VAR Guy that Cogent and Sierchio have hit their stride together.

Meanwhile, Cogent is one of the few (hmmm... the only?) consultants that has focused entirely on buy-side merger guidance for MSPs. Moreover, the Cogent team has been known to respectfully decline potential M&A consulting engagements that involved questionable M&A deals.