Microsoft Corp. plans to release an update to Windows 10 software in the spring that will add creative features especially conducive for virtual and augmented reality.

The update will be free to current Windows 10 users and will include tools to invent and share 3-D objects, said Microsoft Windows chief Terry Myerson. With the new software, called Windows 10 Creators Update, people will be able to make 3-D models of a real-life object by using a smartphone to capture 360-degree images of the item or by using a new version of Microsoft Paint for 3-D.

Myerson spoke at an event in New York to showcase new hardware for the holiday season as well as Windows 10 updates.

With the PC market in the doldrums and consumers increasingly expecting their operating systems for free, Microsoft is counting on Windows to bring in more revenue from areas like search advertising, video games and security software. Sales of the Surface tablet have risen, though Microsoft last week forecast revenue from that product would decline this year.

To grow, Microsoft is also focusing on voice as a method for controlling devices and inputting data and commands, as well as augmented reality through its HoloLens goggles and e-sports in gaming.

PC sales performed slightly better than expected in the third quarter but the sector remains far below historic highs and Intel Corp., the largest chipmaker, offered a sluggish forecast for the holiday season.