Red Hat has invested in EnterpriseDB, the two companies confirmed today. The move accelerates EnterpriseDB's momentum with big-name partners and also gives Red Hat a hedge against the pending Oracle-Sun-MySQL business combination that awaits regulatory approval. Here's some more analysis.

First, a tip of the hat: broke this story about 18 hours before EnterpriseDB and Red Hat announced the investment deal. Now, some speculation and observations.

Back at the Red Hat Partner Summit in September 2009, The VAR Guy noted that EnterpriseDB was one of the event's biggest winners. As The VAR Guy stated at the time:
Dozens of open source application developers and integrators are at the event. But a big one — MySQL — is missing in action. Where is the open source database provider? The VAR Guy has sent an email to MySQL asking why they apparently aren’t attending. But the big winners appear to be EnterpriseDB and Ingres, which are enjoying heavy foot traffic in their booths.
EnterpriseDB CEO Ed Boyajian also was on hand at Red Hat Summit to speak to attendees. Boyajain is Red Hat's former VP and GM of North American sales, notes Matt Asay at Cnet. And just for good measure: EnterpriseDB is one of the key launch partners in the Open Source Channel Alliance, a VAR effort led by Red Hat and Synnex.

Interesting. But the story doesn't end there.

More recently, at the Oracle OpenWorld conference (San Francisco, October 2009), rumors swirled that Oracle was preparing some sort of Unbreakable Linux-MySQL software stack. At the same time, Oracle is trying to complete its takeover of Sun Microsystems -- a deal that would include Oracle digesting the MySQL database.

What It All Means

No doubt, Red Hat remains committed to supporting MySQL. But it's always nice to hedge your bets as software markets consolidate.

As MySQL potentially moves into Oracle's universe, Red Hat seems to be showing EnterpriseDB plenty of love. And Red Hat isn't alone. Back in 2008, IBM pumped money into EnterpriseDB as well.

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