Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard plan to ship a SQL Server database appliance in November. The Microsoft-HP database appliance, announced at PASS Summit, sounds a lot like a recent Oracle Database Appliance launch. Is The VAR Guy imagining this database appliance feud or is it real? Here's the update.

At the PASS Summit today, Microsoft and HP promised to deliver a HP Enterprise Database Consolidation Appliance optimized for SQL Server. Microsoft claimed the SQL Server database appliance will:
  • help customers deploy databases in minutes instead of weeks;
  • reduce operation costs up to 75 percent through savings of floor space, energy and infrastructure;
  • require no application or database changes when consolidating databases.

Countering Oracle?

The VAR Guy didn't spot any architecture or pricing information for the HP Enterprise Database Consolidation Appliance. But our resident blogger suspects the appliance is a Microsoft-HP response to the new Oracle Database Appliance.

The Oracle Database Appliance runs Oracle Linux and Oracle's database on up to 24 Intel cores. Partners and customers can activate or deactivate Intel cores based on an application's scalability needs. Avnet Technology Solutions, the value-added distributor, has ordered 100 of the Oracle Database Appliances for its channel partners, and expects to receive shipments within days.

In some ways, the Oracle Database Appliance is positioned to help customers migrate away from Microsoft SQL Server while consolidating physical hardware onto Oracle's design. Now, the Microsoft-HP database appliance seems like a response to Oracle's efforts.

Longer term, Microsoft is preparing SQL Server 2012 (formerly code-named Denali), a major database upgrade that's expected to arrive in the first half of 2012, notes SQL Server Magazine.