Network infrastructure provider F5 Networks (FFIV) moved more definitively into security Sept. 18 when it bought Versafe, an Israeli provider of cloud-based malware security technology to detect, identify and address suspicious online network activity.

Neither company disclosed terms of the acquisition. F5 said the purchase will not have a material impact on its financial results.

Versafe, which is an F5 Technology Alliance Partner, sells its fraud and intellectual property theft-protection solutions as a subscription service. The vendor’s solutions detect malware-born fraud and other client-side online threats for mobile and web applications, and can scale from mission-critical enterprise applications to large online transactional sites.

F5 said Versafe’s technology maps well to its existing security, access and mobile solutions, including its Application Delivery Firewall, identity and access management and mobile application and device management offerings, all of which contain enhanced security features.

“The acquisition supports F5’s vision and commitment to provide our customers with secure access to data and applications from any location, from any device,” said Karl Triebes, F5 Product Development executive vice president and chief technology officer.

“Web applications are under increasing attack, which can lead to the theft of intellectual property, money, sensitive data and identity,” he said. “Versafe provides comprehensive, real-time detection and protection for every user, every device and every browser.”

Versafe maintains an advanced remediation and advisory security service through its Security Operations Center (SOC). The company said it works with customers through the SOC to address issues and handle incidents related to new malware and attack vectors. The company credits its SOC as the first in the market to detect advanced financial malware and zero-day web application vulnerabilities.

“Businesses with mission-critical and sensitive web operations need a trusted advisor (sic) for security and one with a deep understanding of cyber-crime,” said Eyal Gruner, Versafe co-founder. “Together, F5 and Versafe plan to provide this support and deliver immediate protection against fraud, phishing, pharming, man-in-the-middle and malware threats.”