When it comes to developer conferences, most channel partners are familiar with Microsoft PDC, Apple WWDC and Google I/O. But mobile communications companies want your attention, too.  A case in point: The Verizon Developer Community Conference (Sept. 21-22, Las Vegas) is fast-approaching. And the event should serve as a big stage for Google Android developers, plus Verizon's VCAST application library. Here's why.

Check out the main page here, and then head over to the Verizon Technical Track. That's where you'll find the goodies. Right now Verizon seems focused on taking their base of customers and network and making it more solid while building upon it. There are sessions detailing the new 4G LTE network Verizon plans to roll out, along with using their BREW software, which is the platform applications run on for Verizon phones that are not Android or Blackberry phones.

And sprinkled throughout Day One and Day Two, are a sections on Android development, one specifically detailed 3D Android Development with nVidia. Verizon has embraced Android based phones faster and harder than any other network, so it comes at no surprise they'd be looking to educate their developers on Android development.

While Google has always has embraced their users for Android development, it's disjointed from the service provider. But Verizon's rally and new Droid-branded phones from Motorola have the potential to build a sort of 'provider-based' support around a 'brand' of phone and network, much like AT&T and Apple have done.

For fun, here's a rumor this blogger has heard rumbling around the Verizon-sphere from people close to him: Apple is waiting for the full roll-out of the 4G LTE network before the even think about bringing the iPhone to them. And Verizon doesn't want it yet, until the can roll out the 4G.

Bunk, or perfect sense? Weigh in and let us know.

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