Kaspersky Lab Nancy ReynoldsNancy Reynolds, as expected, took the stage today at the Kaspersky Lab Americas Partner Conference in the Dominican Republic. As Kaspersky Lab's senior VP, Corporate Sales Americas, Reynolds called on partners to double -- and potentially triple -- their security sales in 2010. Here are three key takeaways from Reynolds.

As you may recall, Reynolds recently joined Kaspersky Lab after a stint at Dell. She previously held a high-profile position at Trend Micro.

Among her core thoughts for Kaspersky Lab partners...

1. Kaspersky Lab's approach for 2010: Kaspersky plans to "run really fast," she said. Faster than, smarter than and better than yesterday. Faster than, smarter than and better than the competition, she added.

2. Kaspersky Lab's strategy for 2010: Everything, Reynolds said, depends on the Five R's:
  • Make the phones Ring. Kaspersky continues to invest in people, Reynolds said, to help drive sales.
  • Revenue: Not just top-line, but Reynolds also sees opportunities that involve recurring revenue and annuity revenue streams. Hmmm... Sounds like she's hinting about a potential Kaspersky managed services partner program.
  • Relevant: Product relevance matters, Reynolds said. And Kaspersky's R&D will ensure ongoing relevance.
  • Relationships: Kaspersky wants to make sure partners have deep relationships at the executive, field and technical level with the software provider.
  • Reputation: Kaspersky wants to have localized relationships that ensure a strong reputation worldwide.
3. What's in it for Kaspersky partners: Here, Reynolds made some bold statements.

"You're not a sales agent. You're part of the family," said Reynolds. "We will double our revenues across the Americas in 2010. If you like to over achieve, there will be heavy rewards. 2X is my quota, 3X is where I'd like to go. There's no cap in sales. We'll be relentless in listening to you. And we'll be relentless in responding."

Hmmm... Like The VAR Guy said: Bold statements. The VAR Guy will be watching to see if Kaspersky Lab delivers on those goals.