At Dell World 2012 (Dec. 11-13, Austin, Texas), watch for the technology giant to start describing more synergies between acquisitions like KACE, Quest Software, SonicWall and Wyse Technologies. And those integrations will have channel partners in mind, The VAR Guy has heard. Here's a preview and the implications for Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) VARs.

Michael Dell explained his overall strategy to The VAR Guy in October 2012. Looking ahead, Dell Cloud may take center stage at the conference, which ranks among The VAR Guy's top 100 channel events to attend. But chatter behind the curtains suggests:
  • The KACE (appliance-based systems management) team is rapidly learning from the SonicWall channel team.
  • There are potential synergies down the line between KACE and Wyse, especially when it comes to cloud-enabled endpoints.
  • Cross-pollination between KACE and the Quest Software team, Dell's latest big-name acquisition, is under way.
Hmmm... Dell continues to face an uphill battle in the traditional PC market, where Windows 8 hasn't exactly set the world on fire and rivals like Lenovo continue to grab market share. But Dell is determined to build a $5 billion software business in the next few years. And that effort will require close working relationships between each company that Dell acquires. That integration will be onstage -- perhaps for the first time -- at Dell World next week.

The VAR Guy looks forward to chronicling Dell's progress.