social-media-ciscoCisco Systems is extracting revenge on The VAR Guy. Since around 2006, our resident blogger has asked Cisco channel insiders to join a range of social networks and collaboration sites. Some beta. Some real. Some successful. Some pitiful. Now, Cisco is turning the tables and pulling The VAR Guy into The Vibe -- a social network built for Cisco Partner Summit 2009. Should The VAR Guy go into the light?

At first glance, Cisco Partner Summit 2009 is scheduled for June 2-4 in Boston. But take a closer look and you'll find that the event has already started -- virtually -- and will march forward until the end of June.

Already, Cisco has launched The Vibe -- a social network that runs on PresentlyApp. Hundreds of people are in the network. Will thousands join? The VAR Guy is going to need a few more Lattes if Cisco wants our resident blogger to keep pounding away on his own sites PLUS jump into The Vibe.

Tweet of the Moment

Still, Cisco has pretty much nailed the social media concept. In the company's new channel blog, Channel Chief Keith Goodwin assures partners the company will move forward with the channel -- even as BusinessWeek explores potential Cisco showdowns with IBM and HP.

Meanwhile, Cisco also plans to host a Virtual Partner Summit -- June 2 through 30. The VAR Guy can almost picture Keith Goodwin replacing Jim Carrey in The Truman Show:
"Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night."
The VAR Guy wonders: Where is all this Cisco social media leading? For more than two years, bloggers have been running around with Flip video cameras documenting what's next in IT. Now that Cisco has acquired Pure Digital Technologies Inc. (maker of the the Flip video camera), The VAR guy worries: Will Cisco turn the cameras around on us?

We'll find out June 2 in Boston.

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