The Oracle Database Appliance is catching on with channel partners and customers, Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) asserts. But who is actually using the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)? New details emerged at the Oracle Industry Analyst World conference in Redwood Shores, Calif. Here's a recap of the chatter.

First, a little background. The Oracle Database Appliance is an x86 system featuring Oracle Linux, the Oracle Database, and 12 TB of storage. It scales from 2 to 24 Intel cores. All 24 cores are included with the system.

According to Oracle...
  • 91% of ODA sales involve VARs.
  • The biggest ODA adopter is Walgreens, which has 15 units to date.
  • Daimler Trucks has migrated from Microsoft SQL Server to ODA.

  • 10 value-added distributors (VADs) pre-bought units for inventory, though Oracle did not discuss actual sales metrics or overall inventory levels.

  • The database appliance is catching on, Oracle claims, because it only takes days to deploy and Oracle license management gives customers pay-as-you grow pricing. Basically, you license the software based on the number of cores you're using.

  • Although The VAR Guy didn't catch exact statistics, a chart seemed to indicate that roughly 40 percent of ODA sales are in North America, 25 percent in EMEA, 20 percent in APAC, 8 percent in Latin America and 7 percent in Japan.

Admittedly, The VAR Guy is still missing some important facts:
  • How many Oracle Database Appliances has Oracle actually sold?
  • Which channel partners are succeeding with the Oracle Database Appliance?
Our resident blogger continues to hunt for more answers...