How will VMware (NYSE: VMW) help partners to secure virtualized applications an virtualized infrastructure? Some VMware updates surfaced today at the Kaspersky Lab 2012 North American Partner Conference today in the Bahamas. Here are live highlights from the VMware keynote, which includes Parag Patel (VP, global strategic alliances) and Jonathan Gohnstand (pictured, director of product marketing, networking and security). So here is...

...the the minute by minute update.

Onstage now: Patel...

  • The typical large company is now 50 to 55 percent virtualized, but in small business the figure is much lower.
  • For every dollar companies spend on VMware, there is an $11 to $15 opportunity for partners to assist with integration and support.
  • VMware is looking to hit $4.7 billion it revenues this year, and has 13,000 people worldwide.
VMware is making four primary bets:
  • Private cloud: Getting customers to not just virtualize, but build a full private cloud.
  • Desktop virtualization: Whether that's a thin client or moving to a smart phone, virtualizing desktop applications.
  • Management and automation to help maximize virtualization.
  • Business critical applications: Virtualizing SAP and Oracle environments.
Discussing the Kaspersky relationship:
  • "This is a relationship that has really taken off in the past 12 months, and it involves a lot of hard work at Kaspersky and VMware."
  • VMware has written a set of security APIs to let security companies integrate far more tightly with VMware.

Onstage now: Gohnstand...

  • "If you don't adjust your business for this cloud and virtualization thing, you're basically dead."
  • For the virtualizaton of business critical applications, focus on availability, performance, security and compliance controls
  • Lines of business are whipping out their credit cards to embrace public cloud IT services
  • Check back for more updates in a few minutes...
  • Four integration points to security and networking: Inside the virtual server, edge of virtual server, edge of virtual network and a management and context.
  • VMware is releasing new APIs this summer for additional IT security partner opportunities.
  • He sees a time coming when virtualized environments are more secure than physical environments.
What partners should sell:
  • Sell the value of VMware Integration today -- including centralized AV scanning for Windows virtual servers.
  • Sell the fact that it saves money, requires less server hardware and delivers better application performance.
How else can you step it up in the virtual arena?
  • Understand the basics of VMware's technology (vMotion, SRM, etc.)
  • vSphere Hardening Guide (how to lock down the hypervisor)
  • Decide if you want to hit VDI (virtual desktops) hard
  • A lot of partners get into VDI for customers that want secure desktops.
  • "Realistically, partnerships like VMware/Kaspersky are the only way forward"
That's all from the VMware keynote. The VAR Guy will be back a little later with more insights.