Kaspersky Lab is ready to run at the speed of opportunity with channel partners to capture an "unfair share" of the IT security market, Senior VP Nancy Reynolds told partners today during the Kaspersky Lab 2012 North American Partner Conference. "We believe the [security] market is ripe for a leader and we intend to take control," said Reynolds. But that's not all.

During an interview with The VAR Guy and a keynote presentation, both today, Reynolds hammered home the following points.

1. Channel Commitment: "Imagine a company that for 60 consecutive quarters has been 100 percent channel on a worldwide basis," said Reynolds. That company, she said, is Kaspersky Lab.

2. Product Quality: "There is a direct correlation between good products and Kaspersky's double-digit growth."

3. Emerging Force: "Two years ago, the competition still saw us as noise. We'll we're not noise anymore. We're a contender."

4. Executive Leadership: On the continuity front, Kaspersky Lab's leadership has been in place from the get-go, offering forward investing, R&D and consistency that rivals can't match, she asserted.

5. New hires: On hiring channel pros like Christopher Doggett and Jean Lozano. "We're done looking. We've got the right people in the right spots."

6. On channel intelligence: "We want to redefine 100 percent channel" by looking through partners' eyes. Hope is not a strategy; we have a plan"

7. On Recurring Revenues: "It's about time, truly," Reynolds said. "We're not the first. We're not the only. It remains to be seen about us being the best. But I think what you'll see we are very easy to do business with."

8. On the competition: "We contend that the market is ripe for a leader and we intend to take control."

9. On the VMware relationship. "We can't miss this opportunity. Everyone has announced their intention [for secure virtualization] but right now it's just us [working with VMware]. We'll be big at VMworld and we were big at VMware Partner Exchange. If we can get VMware to recommend us that's huge for us."

10. Other voices heard during Reynolds' keynote:
  • Matt Goulet, VP, SMB sales, North America, said the partner support team in Kaspersky's Massachusetts office has grown 25 percent. "At Kaspersky, SMB is all about velocity."
  • Kevin Krempulec, VP, enterprise sales, east: Enterprise business is up over 40 percent in Q1. "Our sales team is ready to work with your organization hand in hand" to win sales.
  • Dan Burke, VP, enterprise sales, west: Just closed a 60,000 node enterprise deal in North America, the largest of all time for Kaspersky. "If there are any doubts about our ability to scale in the enterprise, those doubts should be long gone."
  • Mike Canavan, senior director, systems engineer, North America: New tools and new training programs are coming for partners.
  • Chris Doggett, VP, channel sales, North America: The programs, processes and funding of collaboration will remain key. Let's "Meet, beat and then crush our respective sales plans," said Doggett.
That's all from now from the Kaspersky Lab conference.