Intel (symbol: INTC) continues to promote Xeon processors in new ways to channel partners. A case in point: At the recent Intel Solutions Summit in New Orleans, the chip giant pounded the drum for the Intel Enabled Solutions Acceleration Alliance (Intel ESAA), which offers more than 50 solution guides for the Xeon Processor E5-2600 product family. Moreover, an Intel Server Continuity Suite could give channel partners enhanced SMB server management capabilities. And Intel reinforced its focus in the mobile market, where PC makers continue to introduce Ultrabooks at a rapid pace. Here's a recap.

During a conference call in recent days, The VAR Guy connected with such Intel insiders as:
  • Sharon Alt, from North American Channels and Distribution
  • David Brown, a marketing director focused on servers
  • Susana Winston, a program and training leader who focuses on Intel events

Intel Solutions Summit

Brown noted that more than 400 Intel Technology Partners attended the solutions summit. He pointed to continued Intel partner momentum in the server market. One example he mentioned: Appro, which develops servers and supercomputers, continues to win business from such government organizations as Lawrence Livermore (LLNL), Los Alamos (LANL) and Sandia (SNL).

Intel in a blog post described how the Xeon Processor's E5-2600 product family and related partner programs continue to scale. In the blog Intel wrote:
"The important thing for the channel to know is this powerful, flexible and efficient hardware portfolio offers partners a diverse set of solutions to meet almost any customer need, from small businesses to enterprise organizations performing the most complex, compute intensive of tasks."

Server Protection

A related Intel Server Continuity Suite allows partners to manage Intel Rack and Pedestal Server and Intel Modular Server products. Intel is positioning the continuity suite for channel partners that support SMB customers. The suite provides real-time, continuous backup, systems management and virtualization deployment capabilities, Intel noted.

Meanwhile, in the mobile market, Intel says it continues to see expanded opportunities for Ultrabooks -- the super-thin but fully featured notebook computers. "It's not just about the technology, it's about the user experience," asserted Alt. Increasingly, customers will see channel exclusive ultrabook designs, along with a whitebook strategy for Ultrabooks.

Microsoft has been jumping on the Ultrabook strategy, reminding partners that Windows 7-based Ultrabooks are shipping now -- and urging partners to remain focused on current offerings instead of waiting for Windows 8 Ultrabooks and PCs to debut. (Windows 8 is expected to ship sometime in late 2012.)