Cisco Channel Chief At Starbucks
At first glance, it was a casual comment: Cisco Global Channel Chief Keith Goodwin posted a Tweet stating he was heading to Starbucks shortly before or after a meeting about the company's core acceleration channel incentives. But was there a hidden meaning to the message? Hmmm...

The VAR Guy can't help but wonder:
  • Did Goodwin have more than coffee in mind when he mentioned Starbucks?
  • Is Cisco pushing aside some of HP's old WiFi relationship efforts in Starbucks?
  • Is Starbucks about to make a Venti commitment to Cisco TelePresence?
Frankly, The VAR Guy is too tired to really speculate. Our resident blogger could use his own Frappuccino at the moment.

Perhaps Goodwin wasn't really dropping any hints about Starbucks. Sometimes a reference to a $4 cup of coffee really is just a reference to a $4 cup of coffee. And maybe the bigger news was the Tweet about core acceleration incentives for channel partners. Surely, that must be it.

Still, The VAR Guy can't escape the feeling that something is brewing between Cisco and Starbucks.

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