Is the backup tape half full or half empty at Symantec? On the one hand, CEO Enrique Salem (pictured) is preparing to share his vision at the aptly named Symantec Vision conference. On the other hand, targeted layoffs seem to be under way at Symantec. Here's the chatter.

TechTarget's Barb Darrow mentioned rumored Symantec layoffs in an April 5 blog. Then came reports of engineering layoffs, and some speculation that Symantec's interest in the storage market was fading.

Symantec insists that it remains committed to the storage and availability markets.  But plenty of pundits wonder how many jobs (if any) will be lost...

Symantec isn't scheduled to announce quarterly results until May 5. In the meantime, CEO Enrique Salem and his lieutenants are scheduled to take the spotlight at Symantec Vision 2010, which kicks off April 12 in Las Vegas.

No Hype Here

In recent months, Salem has tried to tactfully balance Symantec's on-premises and cloud strategies. Instead of hyping cloud opportunities, Salem has stated that SaaS and cloud will generate only about 15 percent of Symantec's annual revenues over the next few years. Still, that will eventually equate to about $1 billion in annual SaaS/cloud revenues.

Not too shabby. Or is it? Security and storage are two of the most popular SaaS and cloud market opportunities at the moment. Symantec's online efforts have been hit-n-miss. Anybody else remember the Symantec Protection Network? Hmmm...

Ganging Up on the Giant

No doubt, Symantec faces intensifying competition...
That's quite a list. Did The VAR Guy forget anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Hmmm... Back to the story at hand. Symantec Vision starts April 12. For Enrigue Salem, it's showtime. Are there any surprises in store? Here's a prediction: Keep an eye on the Symantec-Amazon relationship.

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