Who will be the Microsoft of cloud computing? In other words, which single company will emerge to absolutely dominate the cloud the way Microsoft dominated desktop computing? The answer, according to Salesforce.com's Peter Coffee, is "Absolutely nobody."

Coffee, director of ecosystem platform research at Salesforce.com, spoke this morning at the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit in Dallas, attempted to kill multiple myths about cloud computing. Among his key assertions:

1. Aggressive Competition: Coffee doesn't see a single vendor emerging to dominate the cloud. During his presentation, Coffee pushed beyond a Salesforce.com pitch to mention how solutions providers are helping customers embrace Google Apps, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other big SaaS and cloud platforms.

2. Fast Projects: Coffee believes VARs should focus on 90-day cloud projects -- 30 days to give the customers what they want; 30 days to enhance; 30 days to refine

3. Safe Travel: Cloud computing is like a highway, said Coffee. All sorts of cars ride on the highway ... everything from economy cars to armored trucks. Likewise, SaaS and cloud apps are designed for different purposes -- but to say all cloud apps suffer from lingering security concerns is a misnomer.

4. Chatter: As part of his comments, Coffee said Chatter -- Salesforce.com's business social media platform, will launch June 22. He also mentioned that Bank of America is a marquee user of Chatter.

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