Now that they've had a month to digest the news, most WorksWithU readers expect Canonical's emerging relationship with Hewlett-Packard to accelerate Ubuntu Server Edition's momentum. Here are the results of our latest WorksWithU reader poll.

We asked: Will the HP-Canonical announcement give Ubuntu Server Edition a lift? Of our 184 survey participants:
  • 28% said absolutely yes
  • 42% said it's very likely
  • 24% said perhaps
  • 5% said they doubted it
  • And 1% said absolutely not
To be clear, HP hasn't necessarily agreed to pre-install Ubuntu Server Edition on the company's ProLiant servers. Rather, HP has agreed to certify its servers to run Ubuntu. Over time, the move should empower resellers and solutions providers to more easily recommend, sell and deploy HP servers with Ubuntu.

Canonical's server push has had mixed results to date. Although Sun certifies its servers to run Ubuntu, Sun's own future is in doubt amid a possible buyout by IBM. Dell, meanwhile, last year said it has no plans to offer Ubuntu servers though the company remains commited to Ubuntu desktops.

Meanwhile, cloud services may ultimately give Ubuntu Server Edition a lift. Canonical says Ubuntu 9.10 will have close ties to Amazon Web services. Plus, RightScale and Turnkey Linux are pushing Ubuntu and Ubuntu software appliances into cloud services.

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