VMworld 2013 (Aug. 25-29) will generate plenty of software defined networking (SDN) and data center (SDDC) news. But The VAR Guy will also use the conference to master the five rules of Dodgeball: Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and uh... dodge. Confused? Don't be. Here's the scoop.

VMworld 2013 will include the 4th annual #v0dgeball Charity Tournament. The schedule has yet to be posted but you can stay tuned for details (and various VMworld party information) here.

Dangerous Dude

Back in his prime The VAR Guy was a heck of a Dodgeball athlete. Nobody ever made him bleed his own blood. Nobody.

But what if you're new to Dodgeball? How can sedentary geeks determine if they're fit enough to put down the Slurpee long enough to compete in this tournament?

Hmmm... Here's a general guide:

  • If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball. 
  • If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

See you at VMworld 2013. If you're not sure how to spot The VAR Guy, just look for the loud mouth lefty on the Dodgeball court...