Government agencies will soon be able to upgrade their data centers and move into the cloud, thanks to VMware’s (VMW) new vCloud Government Service.

VMware will offer the new hybrid cloud offering in collaboration with cloud services provider Carpathia. The joint effort will give government agencies a secure way of utilizing their data center infrastructure while complying with the latest security standards, according to the press release and a company blog. VMware’s government service is FedRAMP certified, so it adheres to the standardized cloud security assessments set forth by the government.

Lynn Martin, VMware Public Sector vice president, noted this more secure cloud service will allow government agencies to utilize their current infrastructure and move easily into the cloud.

“It allows you flexibility and agility to be able to move workloads in a very seamless, non-disruptive manner utilizing technology that folks are already familiar with,” Martin said in an interview with The VAR Guy. “The differentiator that makes this unique is really that customers … have the flexibility to move workloads from the current data center into a cloud environment in a manner that is not disruptive. … When you look at some of the other competitive cloud offerings that are out today, while they may be cheaper from an operating cost, the time and effort to get the workloads into the cloud are very cumbersome, expensive and very hard to return from.”

Martin said VMware's latest hybrid cloud service eliminates the need for agencies to rework their infrastructures because the system is based off the existing vSphere system that most federal, state and local organizations already have in place. The service will also allow users to host information locally, in the cloud or a combination of the two, according to user preference.

The system is slated to be ready for utilization in August or September, when FedRAMP gives VMware final authorization, Martin said. Vendors can begin bidding on the part numbers now, which will be posted on VMware’s website.