By virtue of a software update, two VMware (VMW) Ready sanctioned smartphones—the LG Intuition and the Motorola Razr M--both running on Verizon Wireless networks—now are equipped with the virtualization kingpin’s BYOD-enabling Horizon Mobile solution.

“This is an important milestone for VMware as we deliver on our end-user computing vision of managing users, not devices,” wrote Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMware mobile solutions senior director in a blog post from the vendor’s chief technology office.

“Both of these devices have been in the market for several months and recently received a software update. The update pushed out by Verizon included the right VMware technologies to enable them to run a second instance of Android and thereby, our Horizon Mobile solution,” he said.

The VMware Ready program confers the vendor’s endorsement on third-party built products and solutions. For mobile products, a VMware Ready device is required to run the vendor’s Horizon Mobile solution, or what Krishnamurti refers to as “our dual persona solution,” in that the software isolates a user’s “personal content from corporate data and only manages the corporate content on the device.”

With VMware’s Horizon Mobile software the corporate content on a user’s device resides in a workspace managed by IT, which can tailor which applications it allows in the area and set the policies for use. Provisioning the workspace to the user’s device can be done over-the-air (OTA) and its lifecycle can be managed remotely.

Krishnamurti said that VMware is partnering with Verizon to enable a number of existing and new devices as VMware Ready.

“Our customers should expect popular in-market devices will receive similar software updates resulting in a broad set of VMware Ready devices in the market,” he said. “In fact, we anticipate many new devices will also launch as VMware Ready devices.”

For Android-based smartphones deployed in the enterprise BYOD space, fragmentation of the OS—various smartphone OEMs customize the platform to gain competitive advantages—make it harder for IT to secure and manage those phones. But Horizon Mobile uses virtualization technology to “normalize” the fragmentation, enabling IT to deploy and manage its own Android workspace “that looks and behaves the same on any Android device,” Krishnamurti said. The kicker, of course, is to run the solution, however, users must have a VMware Ready device, he said.