VMware (VMW) and security solutions provider Trend Micro are partnering to give Horizon 6 users new methods for protecting their enterprise data with the announcement of four different secure end user computing solutions. Horizon 6 customers will have the option of choosing one of Trend Micro’s latest protection offerings for use with their enterprise workspaces, each of which deliver unique security options for a variety of different endpoints.

“More and more organizations are realizing that a device-independent workspace can help overcome major IT challenges around mobility and application delivery, supporting business agility and meeting heightened end-user expectations,” said David Silverberg, Global Alliances Director at Trend Micro, in a VMware guest blog. “But as they take this journey, organizations also need to consider the security implications, and turn to a trusted VMware partner like Trend Micro to keep sensitive corporate data safe.”

Each of the four options have been designed to protect against the increasing complexity of securing end user computing in a mobile-centric IT landscape, Silverberg said. And while each product essentially functions as a means of security for Horizon users, all four have notable differences based on the systems in play.

The Deep Security offering utilizes VMware APIs to deliver agentless security tightly integrated in the hypervisor, while eliminating major challenges often associated with physical protection solutions. According to Trend Micro, Deep Security gives users full visibility of their dynamic virtual environments in a non-persistent VDI setting, meaning that virtual machines will continue to be tracked continually even if they are shut off.

OfficeScan is a more appropriate choice for thin terminals and other physical endpoints. It can conduct a full system scan 40 percent faster than previous versions, Silverberg said, while also giving users a 50 percent boot time improvement.

The Trend Micro Mobile Security offering was designed with a small footprint and integrates mobile device management (MDM), mobile security, data protection and application management capabilities. And the Trend Micro Control Manager centralizes threat and data protection policy management for visibility into multiple layers of the IT infrastructure.

Both companies believe the various end point solutions provide the tools users need to protect their virtual environments from attack.

Trend Micro recently announced its plans to distill its numerous enterprise security solutions offerings to just two services—Protection for Endpoints and Smart Protection Complete. The new solutions are meant to reduce the number of confusing options for IT administrators while giving users the most complete protection options available for hybrid cloud infrastructures.