Some pundits think OpenStack, the open source cloud platform, competes head-on against VMware (VMW) vSphere. In reality, OpenStack supports VMware's hypervisor -- and vice-versa. In fact, technology consultants and channel partners can easily test OpenStack using VMware Workstation. Plus, some customers are already deploying OpenStack with VMware, according to the virtualization company.

Testing OpenStack on VMware involves two steps, according to Eric Wright:

Reality Check

But is VMware serious about OpenStack? The evidence says yes. Back at the OpenStack Summit in April 2013, VMware described how the company enables load-balancing, VPN, and firewalling in cloud deployments within OpenStack. More recently at Red Hat Summit in Boston, VMware described how its network virtualization technology supports Red Hat OpenStack, noted Dan Wendlandt, a senior product line manager at VMware, in a blog post.

Added Wendlandt in that post: "Red Hat and VMware are already with one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers and one of the most well-known Web 2.0 companies to enable VMware network virtualization with Red Hat OpenStack. VMware and Red Hat are now showing further commitment to supporting such joint customers."

VMware is quick to note that not every public cloud needs to support OpenStack. But the virtualization company seems to be opening its arms up reasonably wide to the open source cloud platform.