If you were worried about losing your virtualized information in a freak cloud outage, fear not: HotLink has announced several new improvements to its popular DR Express program for virtual machines (VMs) running VMware’s (VMW) vSphere that will ensure your data remains safe and sound.

The company is providing a new lifeline for cloud disaster recovery with its latest version of DR Express VMware Data Protection. The service, which allows HotLink customers to utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a DR target, is adding hybrid networking automation for more rapid recovery in AWS following an on-premise failure.
The latest version will allow customers to power up their virtual machines in AWS within minutes using their vCenter console and continue to manage the AWS workloads side-by-side with on-premise VMware VMs.

"This lets you take your VMware environment and back it up to AWS, so if you lose your data center, you have a VMware environment all ready to run on an AWS hypervisor," said James Bagley, senior analyst at Storage Strategies Now, according to Search Disaster Recovery. "It took HotLink a lot of work to get to this point. It's the only way I know of to do this without managing a recovery environment with Amazon tools.”

DR Express, which launched last year, allows users to take any on-premise VM or group of VMs and transforms the workloads to run on Amazon EC2.

The company is also enhancing DR Express with a restore point retaining policy,  and allows customers to schedule a restore point to take place at a specific day and time. The DR Express subscription with enhanced functionality is available for $300 per virtual machine per year, and is available through Hotlink’s website.