Lenovo has launched an armada of notebook computers targeting a wide range of uses, including a new "hybrid" version of the ThinkPad X1, a rugged and educational specialized ThinkPad Edge and the new ThinkPad Edge series specifically for small-business users. Highlights and hallmarks of the Lenovo brand follow ...

Here's the quick and dirty rundown on the new offerings:
  • ThinkPad X1 Hybrid and T430u Ultrabook: Lenovo's crown jewel, the X1 Hybrid, is a redevelopment of its super-thin X1 ThinkPad. But unlike its predecessor, the thin X1 Hybrid sports an Core i7 CPU, along with high-definition video and voice components and Gorilla Glass for durability. HDMI and wireless video are enabled, thanks to Intel's Wireless Display technology, and Lenovo makes it sweeter with add-ons including integrated wireless broadband and fingerprint readers. But why call it a hybrid? It includes a custom Linux distribution with a Qualcomm mobile processor, allowing a user to boot into "Instant Media Mode" with basic web and media functions. Equally spotlight-worthy is Lenovo's T430u ultrabook, built as a no-compromise business-class ultra-thin laptop, with SSD storage options, integrated Nvidia graphics and up to six hours of battery life.
  • ThinkPad Edge X130e: Built for speed and durability, this laptop comes outfitted with super-durable parts plus Intel's ultra-low voltage CPUs or comparable AMD CPUs. Educational-focused features include Lenovo's optimized 20-second boot times and rubber bumpers for "33 percent stronger corners," in addition to extra-durable screen hinges, recessed and protected ports and 1.2mm-thick plastic designed to protect the screen. The X130e also comes with mobile GPUs that can handle a plethora of multimedia needs.
  • Small Business ThinkPad Edge Series: The ThinkPad S, E and B series are getting new members. The S430 is a high-end machine, equipped with a 14-inch screen and Thunderbolt technology and can be outfitted with up to 1TB of disk space and Intel's Core series of processors. The E430 and E530 are 14-inch and 15-inch versions of Lenovo's midrange laptop options, equipped with Intel Core CPUs or AMD's APUs, if that's more your style. Lenovo also has shrunk these devices down to the E130 and E330, which are 11-inch and 13-inch models designed to be more mobile and power-optimized. Lastly, the B-series is an all-around performer, with both Intel and AMD options, designed to be an entry-level workhorse. It includes USB 3.0 and HDMI out, but it's less of a media-focused device than the S430.
All of the laptops come with Lenovo Solution Center for SMBs, and as always, these devices are available through all Lenovo resellers. Lenovo has priced these devices at about $549 for the 14-inch and 15-inch ThinkPad Edge laptops, a base of $499 for the B Series and $749 for the fancy ThinkPad S430 laptop. The X1 Hybrid, meanwhile, carries a hefty $1,599 price tag (remember the extra mobile CPU), while the T430u has a comfortable $849 base price. Last, but not least, Lenovo's rugged education-focused laptop comes in at $469.

At these price points, Lenovo partners should have no problem selling into SMBs or the educational vertical. New core-series CPUs in laptops make these laptops quite powerful, too. As Lenovo continues to strike a balance between business-class needs, style and cost-conscious price points, Lenovo stands to grow considerably in 2012. Ultrabooks and educational-focused products also could make Lenovo a more familiar household name.