Is Lenovo looking to take the ultrabook and super-thin notebook world by storm? New leaked Lenovo roadmap pictures have come to light that suggest Lenovo may be building a line of notebooks that could seriously compete with the sexy and slim Apple MacBook Air and other ultrabooks. Is a new notebook trend coming ahead of Windows 8?

The notebook leaks were shown on The Verge, which gets a tip of the hat for sharing the early Lenovo roadmap. Lenovo's plans suggest it will launch a 13-inch and 14-inch computer in Q2 2012 that will conform to Intel's new specifications for ultrabook computers. The twist is, unlike its U300 or X1, Lenovo is aiming for a more simple, cost-conscious (The Verge claims around $800 USD) and Windows 8-ready device. We know Windows 8 will have an eye to tablets and ultrabooks, but Lenovo's efforts could spur a new design paradigm in mobile notebook computing like the MacBook Air did for Apple. Lenovo also seems to be preemptively gearing up for the Windows 8 world, especially with its recent launch of all-in-one computers with touch-screen capabilities.

Bigger picture: Lenovo's moves aren't the only ones in the industry shifting toward super-thin and mobile devices. Asus has been pushing its Zenbook, a super-thin near-copy of the Macbook Air. If PC manufacturers adopt Windows 8 in droves, ultrabooks could become an even more diverse category. With Windows 8, system-on-a-chip notebooks could have the same power as the Intel Core i7 notebooks. Couple that with Intel's new Core i-line of CPUs and increasingly more powerful ARM CPUs, and the stage is set for a world where the concept of a laptop changes drastically. A tablet, a notebook or both? ARM CPUs with LED screens could mean notebooks thinner than the iPhone 4S arriving in a short while.