When Oracle (ORCL) announced the Oracle Database Appliance in September, Avnet Technology Solutions ordered 100 of the appliances for its VARs and channel partners to resell. Avnet (AVT), the value-added distributor, received the Oracle appliances in October. So how are they selling?

The simple answer, The VAR Guy believes, is "so far, so good."

Avnet still has some existing inventory for the appliance, but it's being rapidly consumed, according to an Avnet Technology Solutions spokewoman. "There is broad adoption for the product across Avnet's partner base, with a high number of resellers actively quoting opportunities," the spokeswoman added. "Avnet's existing pipeline for the appliances exceeds current inventory levels."

Avnet and its channel partners are seeing demand for the Oracle Database Appliances across multiple vertical markets -- public sector, healthcare, retail, financial services.

"Both traditional systems/hardware partners and traditional software partners are winning deals for the appliance, and software is being quoted at four times the rate of hardware," the spokeswoman added. "To help seed demand, Avnet and its resellers have also invested in demonstration equipment to position test product across the regions, close to customers."

What's Inside the Oracle Database Appliance?

The Oracle Database Appliance has four Intel processors, each with six cores. The total horsepower is 24 cores of Intel processing power with 12 terabytes of raw storage, all triple mirrored, Oracle Channel Chief Judson Althoff told The VAR Guy in September.

Some skeptics have openly wondered if the Oracle database appliance is a high-cost solution that locks customers into an integrated hardware-software architecture from Oracle. Althoff back in October dismissed such speculation, noting that the appliance runs Linux on x86, though Oracle has engineered  the solution because the company doesn't want to simply "rebrand somebody else's R&D and slap a label on it."

Of course, the Oracle Database Appliances are fairly new to market -- so it's difficult to truly estimate supply and demand. But so far, Avnet sounds upbeat.