The now-ubiquitous Apple 30-pin dock connector is almost as old as the iPod itself, and that may mean it's time for change. Introduced way back with the third-generation iPod line, the dock connector has been the cornerstone of Apple's accessories as well as third-party products for the iPhone and iPod lines. But rumor has it Apple wants it dead and soon. Why? It's all about the size. Read on for the deets ...

According to unnamed sources at, a new "micro dock" may be coming soon, first on the iPhone 5. If you haven't noticed, Apple is obsessed with making things smaller, better, faster and thinner, and the traditional 30-pin dock connector takes up more space than it needs to inside Apple's iOS devices. In a world of 4G cellular chips, improved camera components and expanded functionally such as NFC, the dock connector component is an antiquated appendix in the way of progress. What about iTunes syncing? There's Wi-Fi for that. What about HDMI and video out? There's always AirPlay. And if you're following along with me, you've probably already realized Bluetooth allows for wireless audio, too. With the advent of iOS 5 and iCloud, the iPhone and associated devices are liberated from the ball-and-chain of desktop iTunes syncing, meaning it very well could be the best time to shrink the dock, or -- gasp -- eliminate it altogether.

I'm on board. I've been on board since jailbreakers offered wireless syncing before Apple did. But is the general public ready to accept such a radical change? Possibly. I've heard the figure floated around that more than 50 percent of all iPhones brought to the genius bar had never been synced with a desktop. But even if that figure isn't accurate, there's still a large percentage of new users who automatically will be using iCloud, leaving music syncing as the only large-data activity possibly requiring a cable. That issue can be overcome easily with advanced wireless technology inside the iPhone for Gigabit wireless connections, which means removing the dock connector.

The bigger questions: Are the rumors true? Will Apple actually release the iPhone 5 without a dock connector? Perhaps. Although I agree speculation on the evolution of the iPhone is normally spot-on, the iPhone 5 most likely  will include the legacy connection as Apple refines iOS experience for a truly no-Mac/PC world. I say, wait for the arrival of iOS 6, and with it shall come the wireless revolution.