Microsoft (MSFT) has delivered free versions of its OneNote electronic note-taking and organizing app, both in a new release for Apple’s (AAPL) Mac platform and for its existing Windows editions.

In a blog post, David Rasmussen, Partner Group program manager on Microsoft’s OneNote team, wrote, “Mac users have made it loud and clear that you want the first class note-taking experience of OneNote on your Macs. Actually … really, really clear. We got LOTS of direct mails, forum posts and tweets [like this]: Dear Microsoft – the new web OneNote is nice. A native Mac version would be better. By this afternoon please, I have work to do.”

Responding to that particular tweet, Rasmussen wrote, “Okay, we got the message. Rocking worlds and making lives complete is a pretty high bar, and we’re sorry we missed your afternoon deadline, but we’ve been working away, and we’re excited to bring it to you today.”

It’s clear Microsoft wants to widen its Office service reach as much as possible. Is it going to roll out the free model for other applications, perhaps using OneNote as an experimental door-opener to the Office ecosystem?

Users can download the Mac version at the Mac App Store. OneNote, which syncs across platforms, previously has been offered for Windows, Windows Phone and for mobile devices including Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and Google (GOOG) Android-based smartphones and tablets. Microsoft also offers a web edition called OneNote Online.

There’s still a paid version of OneNote available to Office 365 and Office 2013 customers that includes SharePoint support, version history and Outlook integration, none of which are available in the free release. Microsoft said the free version is not a limited time trial and it’s ad free, but it's confined to home and/or school use only.

In addition, Microsoft said it has made available a cloud application programming interface (API) for third-party developers to connect applications to the OneNote service. Some new features available through the OneNote service include OneNote Clipper to save Web pages, the ability to email notes and send blogs and news articles to OneNote, and document scanning.