PC kingpin Lenovo rolled out the second refresh to its ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an Intel (INTC) Broadwell processor-based 14-inch unit the vendor again positioned as the lightest entry in its class.

Lenovo highlighted the moment by announcing it has shipped 100 million ThinkPads since the line’s inception in 1992 when IBM (IBM) owned it, some 13 years before Lenovo bought out the brand and subsequently ran with it. To celebrate the occasion, Lenovo reportedly pulled out the actual one millionth ThinkPad and named the unit Eve, according to a PC World account. Go figure.

“Since the original ThinkPad 700, ThinkPad engineers have continued to drive innovation by making each new ThinkPad better than the last,” said Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo chairman and chief executive. “Reaching 100 million units sold proves they are succeeding,” he said.

“Now, even as Lenovo expands into mobile devices, servers, and ecosystem and cloud computing, ThinkPad will remain at the core of our strategy and the heart of our business,” Yang said.

As for the third generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon upgrade, the latest edition incorporates Intel’s fifth generation Core processor, an FHD display and a PCIe solid state drive that Lenovo said provides up to 80 percent faster storage performance than standard SSDs.

The unit, which weighs 2.9 lbs., and, taking advantage of Broadwell’s better battery life, will hold a charge for some 10 hours, the vendor said. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon refresh is priced at $1,249 and is available this month.

Lenovo also has updated its other ThinkPad X, T, L and E series units with the Broadwell processor, although some of those models won’t be available until February. The ThinkPad T450s and T450 start are priced at $1,099 and $849; the ThinkPad T550 is priced at $999, the ThinkPad E450 and E550 both start at $599 and the ThinkPad L450 is priced at $699.

In addition, Lenovo unwrapped the ThinkVision X24 monitor, a 7.5 mm thin IPS panel display, and the ThinkPad Stack, a modular setup in which users can separately add a 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive, a 2-watt Bluetooth Speaker, a 10,000mAh charger for phones and tablets or a wireless access point.

The ThinkVision X24 starts at $249 and will be available in April 2015, and the ThinkPad Stack accessories will be available from mid-April 2015.