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Today over on the official Microsoft Azure blog, the Redmond company has announced they are extending their partnership with Red Hat.

This partnership will see Microsoft adding Windows support in OpenShift, OpenShift Dedicated on Azure, and SQL Server support in OpenShift and Red Hat Linux.

This partnership began back in late 2015 and these new additions will strengthen and solidify the offerings from both companies through Microsoft's powerhouse cloud service Azure.

Ultimately, it is about bring choice to the customers of each company:

"We’ve jointly recognized that customers aren’t choosing Red Hat or Microsoft, they have already chosen: they chose to use both technologies. Enterprises all over the world are using Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux; Java and .NET, and together Microsoft and Red Hat can serve those customers much better than either of us can alone."

According to John Gossman, an Architect on Azure, the new features added with this week will allow customers running OpenShift will be able to use Linux and Windows containers in the same cluster.

You can learn more about Microsoft and Red Hat over on the Red Hat Solutions on Azure site. You will also find options to try out Red Hat OpenShift on Azure and information on all of the Red Hat services offered on Azure.