Just because it’s a consumer device doesn’t mean it can’t be used for business: VARs leveraging The Rackspace Cloud’s servers can now manage them through a brand-new application for Apple’s brand new iPad tablet computer -- the first from any cloud provider, Rackspace claims. Here’s the scoop.

Rackspace Cloud Pro for the iPad lets users monitor server backups, create new servers, rename them, and any number of other useful administrative tasks. And for those things you can’t take care of yourself, a pull-out panel accessed through the iPad’s signature touchscreen reveals the status of The Rackspace Cloud’s service along with phone numbers to reach Rackspace’s famous “fanatical support.”

In the official blog entry announcing Rackspace Cloud Pro’s availability on the iTunes App Store, developer Mike Mayo was quoted as saying the following:

“It’s amazing to think that racks of servers in corporations once managed by entire IT teams can now be handled by one person with the touch of a finger using an iPad tablet from anywhere. As a former customer and now a Racker myself, I believe the mobility and functionality made possible by the Apple iPad and The Rackspace Cloud has the potential to transform the way business applications are managed.”

Mayo makes a compelling case. It’s easier than ever to use portable devices to administer anything from anywhere. While I’m not running any cloud servers, I’ve been using LogMeIn Ignition on my iPod Touch to keep tabs on my laptop from anywhere and everywhere, and I can attest to just how useful it can be.

The Rackspace Cloud says that a version of Rackspace Cloud Pro for Android devices is coming later this year, and an iPhone application is already available.

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