The world of private cloud computing for the enterprise saw a significant development this week with the release of the latest version of ownCloud Enterprise Edition. Major updates to the file syncing and storage platform, which is built on open source code, include security enhancements, usability improvements and new management features, among other changes.

ownCloud Enterprise Edition, which is developed by ownCloud, is based on the open source ownCloud project. It's one of a growing number of platforms that allow enterprises to create private clouds that run exclusively on in-house infrastructure. That can help to circumvent some of the security and compliance challenges associated with competitors such as Dropbox, as well as reduce costs.

The latest version of ownCloud's enterprise offering introduces important new functionality in several areas, including:

  • Support for multiple AD and LDAP directories in one cloud.
  • Native at-rest AES encryption for files stored in the cloud.
  • A provisioning API for integrating user management into existing automation routines.
  • Undelete functionality, allowing users to restore deleted files without administrator intervention.
  • An updated file cache that provides performance enhancements of up to 500 percent, according to ownCloud.

The latest version of ownCloud Enterprise Edition also includes the updates introduced recently in ownCloud Community Edition, the free (as in cost) and Free (as in open source) version of the platform. The enterprise product is available for download now, with pricing starting at $9,000 per year for 50 users.