Ahhhh... The sand, the sun -- plus security software, mobility and cloud computing rolled into one. The VAR Guy is packing his bags and heading to Kaspersky Lab Partner Conference (May 10-14, the Bahamas). Yes, the destination is a welcome one. But The VAR Guy will also be tracking Kaspersky Lab's newly expanded channel leadership team very closely. Here are six themes to track at the event.

1. We're All Connected: According to Jean Lozano, VP of B2B marketing at Kaspersky, Day 1 will focus on increased connectivity among end-users and channel companies. That's another way of saying VARs and MSPs working with Kaspersky Lab need to secure smart phones and tablets. But how can partners profit from security tied to mobile device management and mobile applications management? The VAR Guy needs answers.

2. Money Matters: Kaspersky Lab's revenues in the Americas market grew from $2 million in 2005 to more than $100 million in 2009. But how is the business performing these days -- especially amid fierce competition from familiar names like McAfee, Sophos, Symantec and Trend Micro? What ultimately makes Kaspersky Lab unique in this market?

4. Who's On the Team?: By the way, McAfee, Sophos and Symantec each have new channel chiefs in place. Plus, Kaspersky Lab has some new faces, too. Recent recruits at Kaspersky Lab include Lozano and Christopher Doggett, VP of channel sales, North America. Doggett reports directly to Nancy Reynolds, SVP, Corporate Sales, North America. How is Doggett settling into the job? And what perspectives from his days at Sophos will help to influence Kaspersky Lab's partner program? Details to come.

5. Microsoft vs Apple Security: Okay, so this really isn't related to the Kaspersky Lab Partner Conference. Or is it? CEO Eugene Kaspersky recently told an audience in London that, when it comes to security, Apple Macs are a decade behind Windows. Dear Mr. Kaspersky: Can you offer a follow-up statement to The VAR Guy, just to drive a few thousand page views and stir those Mac Fanboys into another frenzy?

6. Recurring Revenues, Please: The VAR Guy -- and channel partners -- could use an update on how Kaspersky Lab is empowering VARs and MSPs in the age of cloud services and managed services.

That's all for now. The VAR Guy will start blogging live from Kaspersky Lab Partner Conference within the next 24 hours. Unless, of course, WiFi fails and the surf is up...