“If you can’t beat them, join them.”

When it comes to accelerating your business to the cloud, is that the mentality you have taken toward finding the right service provider?

The large-scale cloud providers—I won’t name names here, but you know who I’m talking about—dominate the headlines and also the market share. They also may make it seem impossible for your business to get value for the cloud from anywhere else.

There’s a major flaw in their business models, however: The major cloud providers are one size fits all. Oftentimes, if a service is ‘one size fits all, it also has difficulty being the perfect solution for any business.

If can find a flaw in their business, you should also be able to find an opportunity to take advantage of that flaw to benefit your business.

In your years of providing customer services, how often have you found two businesses to be exactly the same in operation? Probably never. Instead, growing businesses vary in size and structure. They have unique technology challenges and specific applications they need to operate at their best. Most importantly, they also need a knowledgeable solution provider to help them embrace cloud solutions and deploy their solutions correctly.

Below are five ways you can position your business to successfully fill the void left open by the major cloud providers.

Fill the Gap for Medium-Sized Businesses

Your small-business customers likely have limited budgets and rarely invest in technology to scale their business. If you work with enterprises customers, they may have greater resources. They also likely have existing relationships with vendors and limited ability to change their strategies. So what marketplace presents the best growth opportunity for the cloud? Medium-sized businesses.

Medium-sized businesses often have a limited IT staff that is more than likely overworked. They also display a dependency on business applications to run their day-to-day operations. If they are a growing company, they also need the ability to scale their technology in a predictable manner.

Stop chasing after new business opportunities that requires a long sales cycle with existing staff that has limited interest in change. Position your cloud offering as the perfect solution for growing medium-sized businesses, and you should also find the path from RFP to ROI to be much simpler.