Security experts predicted 2015 was going to be riddled with IT breaches from malicious hackers including activist groups, organized criminal enterprises and hostile foreign governments. And so far they are proving to be right.

This week alone the IRS, which already admitted that its systems were hacked resulting in the stealing of information on thousands of U.S. taxpayers, said it was much larger than originally expected. An additional 220,000 potential victims had their personal information compromised through an IRS website as part of grand scheme to use stolen identities to claim fraudulent tax refunds, the government agency said. This news more than doubles the total amount of potential victims to 334,000, according to the IRS.

Hackers recently also claimed to have leaked personal data from millions of people after a cyberattack on the parent company of Ashley Madison, a website targeted people looking for extramarital affairs. Published reports estimate that approximately 32 million accounts at Ashley Madison and Established Men are believed to be effected by the attack.

If these high-profile cyberbreaches are not enough to help solution providers get the conversation started with their customers about the need to have a comprehensive IT security strategy, CompTIA may be able to help. The organization just unveiled a free assessment tool for solution providers to use to more easily identify cybersecurity strengths and shortcomings in any organization.

CompTIA touts the IT Security Assessment Wizard as “an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive Web-based tool that any IT solution provider can rely on to build a security profile of their customers.” That accurate and comprehensive solution was developed by the CompTIA IT Security Community drawing on the collective expertise of dozens of the IT industry’s top security practitioners, and provides a common sense view of a customer’s unique security strengths and vulnerabilities, according to the organization.

“It’s conversational, that’s why it works,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Untangled Solutions, Burlington, Iowa, and chair of the Security Committee, in a prepared statement, “The output report details the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s security readiness. It’s an eye-opener for many companies, because it clearly and concisely identifies areas of risk and the potential damage that can result from a security breach.”

Regardless of the high-profile IT threats out there, many organizations still have not taken the necessary steps to protect their data and systems, In fact, only half of all companies believe they have a comprehensive security policy in place, according to CompTIA’s 2015 research study, “Trends in Information Security.”

“By engaging the services of a qualified technology solution provider equipped with our IT Security Wizard, any company can start the process of taking the prescriptive steps necessary to minimize their risk,” said Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president, Industry Relations, CompTIA, in a prepared statement.

For its Premier Members, CompTIA has added an enhanced version of the IT Security Assessment Wizard allowing for customization of reports, including options for branding by individuals companies.