Robin Robins is set to host several hundred resellers and IT service providers this week in Nashville, Tenn. The Boot Camp event (April 11-14) is sold out. But virtual access over the Web is available -- for $997 per account. Resellers are notoriously tight with money. So why do so many VARs open their wallets for a chance to learn from Robins? Hmmm...

First, a disclaimer: The VAR Guy isn't endorsing Robins nor has he leveraged her coaching expertise. Still, The VAR Guy is reporting what he sees...

In some circles, Robins known as the Anthony "Tony" Robbins of the IT channel. While Tony Robbins is a "life coach" to celebrities and the masses, Robin Robins is a business coach to small IT solutions providers. As president of Technology Marketing Toolkit, Robins is out to...
"educate 100,000 IT business owners on how to generate more revenue, profits and success in their business, to give 10,000 the tools, training and support they need to be more than mediocre, to save 5,000 from closing their doors or bankruptcy and to make 250 millionaires."

Always on Message

At a time when so many channel pundits are striving to be coaches, Robins has found and nurtured a loyal following. During the recent HP-Axient cloud computing conference in New York, Robins was on hand to share some marketing secrets with attendees. Of the 100 or so attendees, several folks lined up immediately to sign up for Robins' Boot Camp -- no hesitation whatsoever.

In her corporate backgrounder, Robins says she loves helping the underdog -- small IT solutions providers that are struggling with sales and marketing strategies. So far, her website indicates, more than 2,800 IT business owners from 43 countries have purchased and implemented her marketing system. It's a safe bet that figure will rise this week.

Still, Robins hasn't limited her focus to the IT channel. She's also assisted more than 3,900 organizations -- training schools, universities, software companies and more -- with marketing strategies.

So what should channel partners expect this week? In addition to a bevy of guest speakers, Robins herself will be on hand to describe:
  • How to generate a flood of new clients and sales with cloud computing
  • How to use online video to secure more traffic, appointments and clients
  • How to add an easy auto-pilot profits stream to your business selling BDR solutions
  • How to get out of overwhelm and make significant progress on your biggest goals, projects and priorities
In some ways, those themes sound too good to be true. The VAR Guy doesn't drink much Kool-Aid, especially when it comes to "systems" that help people lose weight or get rich.

Still, Robins' annual Boot Camp seems to be sold out every year. No doubt, Robins knows how to attract and retain a crowd eager for sales and marketing education. And instead of promoting get-rich-quick schemes, Robins does promote hard work and consistency in her messaging.

How many of her clients have gone on to become millionaires? The VAR Guy doesn't have an answer handy. But he'd welcome insights from folks who have bolstered their businesses while working with Robins.