In an effort to extol the benefits of IBM's database software, IBM has launched a program to entice Oracle software clients to migrate to IBM software. Additionally, the company is offering no-interest financing and training and support for those willing to make the switch. Sound interesting? Read on for the details.

IBM believes companies constrained by budgets and resources are at a real disadvantage when it comes time to upgrade their technology, and said its new program can help businesses grow while providing flexibility with new and existing IT infrastructure. To that end, IBM is offering the following migration resource perks:

  • A no-charge, detailed financial analysis that shows cost savings clients can achieve by switching from Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic to IBM DB2 and WebSphere software.
  • A no-charge, customized technical evaluation and conversion plan to show clients how fast and easy it can be to move up from Oracle to IBM software.
  • More than 100 online and in-person skills training courses to add certified DB2 skills to Oracle Database developer and database administrator teams, and WebSphere expertise to Oracle software teams.
  • A proof of concept during which IBM works with clients to perform a side-by-side cost/performance comparison between Oracle and IBM software at an IBM Software Lab or client site.
IBM claims more than 1,000 Oracle Database clients moved to IBM's DB2 in 2010, and more than 400 Oracle WebLogic clients  switched over to IBM's WebSphere. Although not directly related, I think IBM's migration campaign may have been spurred by Oracle's recent drop of Itanium.

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