HiperwallJust one day into the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) and the news about Ingram's foray into digital signage, we already have people jumping on board. Hiperwall Inc. has announced a US distribution agreement with Ingram. Details follow...

So what exactly is Hiperwall's 'video-wall technology'? Hiperwall dubs it as "large scale display solutions" that help enable a "low-cost large-scale visualizations". The idea is that-- hey, you don't need fancy hardware to (quite literally) get a big picture. Hiperwall's technology is based on modular additions of standard PC's and screens through LAN. And it's hardware agnostic.

So what does that mean for Ingram? With the new agreement, Hiperwall solutions are available through Ingram Micro's distribution channel for IT solution provides, MSPs and VARs.

But isn't it more than just networked computers with big monitors linked together? Yeah, it is, it's pretty robust. The system has support to displays still images up to 1GB or larger, full HD videos, live HD video streams and regular old PC applications. You can actually combine monitors into one singular  ultra-high resolution video wall. Swap it around, and show multiple video feeds simultaneously or on separate screens. Each feed can be expanded or shrunk across the entire fleet of monitors. And they say it's as quick and easy as resizing windows on a desktop computer.

So obviously, this ties into dynamic digital signage, but Hiperwall says that you can also use this for command control rooms, government and military application, trading floors, media imaging and much more.

(Neither Ingram's site nor Hiperwall's have the actual press release up on their sites, but you can Google it, or just read it here at DigitalSignageToday.com )

If you're interested and happen to be at DSE in Las Vegas this week (Feb 23-25) booth#2013 is where you'll find Hiperwall. We're just interested in any VARs talking about their digital signage experiences.