The highly anticipated release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 is just a week away and solution providers are making preparations. The official availability date is July 29.

Microsoft is in no way saying Windows 10 is an entirely new operating systems by any stretch; rather, it is building on what already works well in Windows 7 and 8. But it is more than just a service patch, as some naysayers would suggest. It is expected to offer many innovative technologies that will create service opportunities for the channel.

The software giant is marketing Windows 10 as “a more human way to do.” It was created to be able to recognize a user’s face and log them in with just a smile. With the Windows Hello feature, users will no longer have to keep track of complicated passwords anymore.

It is also touted to offer a more personal web experience. It includes Microsoft Edge, allowing users to write, type or even use their fingertips to draw directly on pages and then share with others.

Plus, it will include what Microsoft is calling Cortana, a digital personal assistant. “Cortana works across all of your Windows 10 devices to learn your preferences, offer suggestions, set reminders, play your music, answer questions and more,” according to Microsoft.

These are just some of the new features expected in Windows 10 as Microsoft continues to try and tap into the way users want to interact.

Solution providers realize such an update will require hand-holding and migration strategies for their customers and already are preparing their customer base.

For one, in its communications to its customers, Triada Networks said, “Focusing on productivity, flexibility, and ease of use, Windows 10 offers users a host of features that will streamline tasks, make collaboration easier, and improve the overall functionality of your workforce. By combining the strengths of Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 10 is the operating system you’ve been waiting for.” Triada Networks is a Norwood, N.J.-based solution provider.

According to Triada:

  • Microsoft designed Windows 10 to reflect how customers do business today. Highlighted by a unified experience across multiple devices, users have access to all of their business resources from wherever it’s most convenient for then.
  • It offers improved functionality of apps, helping employees get work done faster, with better results, and have peace of mind knowing that their data is better secured.
  • Microsoft’s digital personal assistant, Cortana, will now be available on PCs as well as tablets. Cortana helps manage time and tasks, making processes easier. It contains a new function enabling it to search within the hard drive and OneDrive for documents.
  • Universal Windows apps will work across all devices including apps for messaging, mail, calendar, contacts, photos, videos, maps and more.
  • The new Microsoft Edge browser features include an improved reading mode, the ability to share and annotate web pages, and more security features than its predecessor.

“All of this is just the tip of the iceberg,” according to Triada.  “When Windows 10 launches, it will bring with it a whole host of new innovations and unique features,” the company said.

Windows 10 will have plenty of critics. It already does. But the fact is the new features will results in service opportunities for solution providers.

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