If Apple (AAPL) launches its next iPhone with iOS 7 on Sept. 10, then VARs better start preparing now for the next BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) wave. Indeed, All Things D predicts the big launch is September 10. The event could include a lower-cost iPhone and plenty of education about iOS 7's look and feel. But will mobile device management (MDM) and mobile applications management (MAM) companies be ready for Apple's latest smartphones and mobile operating system? Hmmm...

Generally speaking, MDM and MAM companies have been working on iOS 7 support ever since Apple launched a public beta in June 2013. Big, cloud-based device management companies like Air Watch (and its rivals) tend to support new iOS and Google Android releases when the operating systems debut. So it's a safe bet MDM and MAM companies will be ready with iOS 7 support announcements and software launches within hours of any potential Apple launch.

For channel partners, the same key question keeps popping up with each major smartphone or tablet launch: How can VARs and MSPs monetize the ongoing management of mobile devices? Some MSPs are shifting from per-device monthly fees (servers, desktops, notebooks, etc.) to per-user models -- embracing the concept that users will ultimately have multiple devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet). 

But overall the channel support models remain in flux -- even as iOS 7 approaches.