Put the rumor mill on full alert: New leaked photos have rekindled speculation of a mini version of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Surface tablet coming to a website near you. And it may be arriving sooner than you think.

Consumer electronics developer Vostrostone accidentally posted two listings on Amazon of accessories for a supposed 8-inch Surface Mini that include a picture of a miniature Surface. Both listings—for a smart cover and a Bluetooth keyboard case—list the new device as the “Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet,” according to TechCrunch.

The listings go even further, with the Bluetooth keyboard listing noting it will “only fit Microsoft Surface Mini 8-inch tablet” as well as the inclusion of a May 18 release date on both accessories.

So what does all this mean, really? Since Microsoft has yet to either confirm or deny the existence of a mini Surface tablet, the listings could be anything from an honest mistake to an accidental product leak. Neither listing has been pulled from the site, however, which suggests that the possibility of a mini Surface is actually true. Interesting stuff indeed.

The actuality of Microsoft releasing a miniature version of the Surface tablet isn’t all that far-fetched—there has been plenty of buzz about a Microsoft-branded mini tablet ever since the iPad mini made its debut. In September, ZDNet also hinted at the possibility of a mini Surface tablet running Windows 8.1 debuting in early 2014, with the possibility of Xbox integration, although nothing further on the video game crossover front has been discussed as of late. And The Wall Street Journal wrote about Microsoft’s plans for a 7-inch tablet earlier this month, but the Amazon listings seem to contradict those rumors as well. As always, the only thing we know for sure right now is anything is possible.