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Feb 27, 2015

Is 'Cloud Only' Really the Right Strategy?

As recently as just a few years ago, many IT professionals and business owners were skeptical about moving to cloud services. Now the tide has turned....More
Feb 27, 2015

The State of Technology Changes in Latin America

As the world moves increasingly toward the third platform, the term no longer serves as a buzzword or is defined as the next-generation computing....More
Feb 26, 2015

How Easy Is It To Be More Like Warren Buffett?

One of my passions is studying successful entrepreneurs. I love to learn how they think and what actions they have taken to get to the top of their....More

Need IP Surveillance? Axis Has a Solution for That

Axis knows that you are busy, and researching video surveillance options can take some time. That is why we continuously work to bring you complete....More
Feb 20, 2015

5 Ways Partners Can Score Big with New Software-Defined Data Center Solutions

In life, as in business, we all have our tipping points. You know, those moments where you say enough is enough. There has to be a better way. These....More
Feb 19, 2015

State of the Cybersecurity Landscape: 3 Key Considerations

Given the significant impact of cyberattacks on both consumers and companies during the past year, the U.S. government has committed to making....More
Feb 17, 2015

Broadening Your Marketing Mix to More Effectively Reach Customers

Earlier this month I attended VMware Partner Exchange 2015, where I had an opportunity to meet with several partners. Partners consistently shared....More
Feb 13, 2015

Data Losses and Downtime Are No Small Issue

All businesses create data and rely on it to remain successful and vibrant. And protecting that data is critical for the business to function without....More
Feb 11, 2015

Digital Marketing: The Future is Now

Just days after writing my last blog about social media, I listened to an IDC analyst discuss the future of digital marketing. It got me thinking....More
Feb 09, 2015

5 Tips for Your First Face-to-Face Customer Meeting

Do you enjoy sales meetings with new clients, or does the thought fill you with dread? “First impressions count” is a cliché for good reason. If you....More
Feb 09, 2015

Top 5 IoT Predictions for 2015: Part I

You can seldom open a news website or newspaper today without seeing some mention of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). According to Gartner, “4.9....More
Feb 09, 2015

5 Key Strategies to Strengthen Margins, Increase Your Value-Add

For channel partners, it’s not news that making money from product sales is getting increasingly difficult....More
Feb 04, 2015

3 Reasons to Add Backup to Every Customer Quote

Discover three reasons why you can benefit from bundling backup with every sale....More
Feb 03, 2015

2015: The Year of Hybrid Cloud. Is Your Business Ready?

Cloud computing, overall, is now well-established as a viable, even essential, element in how organizations use technology to achieve business goals....More
Jan 30, 2015

Effective Backup Methods You May Never Have Considered

The most exciting thing about IT (at least for me) is how differently people approach projects they work on and problems they encounter. IT is not so....More
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Mellanox SX1012 Ethernet Switches for Scalable Networks

Mellanox describes its SX1012 Ethernet Switch family...More

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